Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just Testing

Well done John .... getting the next meeting on so soon .... Phil

Next Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting will take place @ Fort Street on Thursday 4th May commencing 19:15 hrs.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Foundation Examination

It has been agreed that the Foundation Examination will take place on Thursday 25th May 2006.
Candidates for this examination need to provide their examination fee (£20) at the next training session on Thursday 27-April-06.

John GD0NFN Tutor.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Training for the Full licence will take place @ Foxdale on Wednesday 18th April and Wednesday 3rd May.
Training for the Foundation Licence will take place @ Fort Street on Thursday 19th April.

IOM Repeater Group AGM (GD and IM repeaters)

At the AGM of the Isle of Man repeater group, those present at the meeting voted unanimously to amalgamate the repeater group with the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society.

It was not possible to form a separate committee for the repeater group and therefore to ensure the survival of the repeater management organisation joining forces with the IOMARS remained the only viable option.

It will take some time to resolve the formal issues which need to be addressed (finance – status – membership etc) and it is expected that these matters can be resolved for the next AGM of the IOMARS (end of 2006).

When considering the voting papers received it was noted that they were also 100% in favour of amalgamation; voting papers from overseas members are still able to be considered.

As both repeaters are currently operating below their normal standard, it was agreed not to take annual membership fees at this time. Work is underway to resolve the current antenna situation and updates will be available from this Blog when information becomes available.


Monday, April 03, 2006


Did you know that the MEA have started doing PLT tests once again; if you live in the Ballakermeen area, why not listen around 40 mts and log the transmissions you can hear.

Ham Radio Deluxe

Tuesday 11-Apr-06 @ 19:30hrs in the Sea Cadet building Tromode. Simon Brown hb9drv or gd4eli will talk about his software “Ham Radio Deluxe”. This software is in use around the world and is a first class rig control (CAT) programme. Free for Amateur radio use with a number of valuable extra facilities (DX Cluster, Log Book, Data RX TX software, Satellite map etc).
Please arrive early to be certain of a good seat.


This weeks training, Monday 03-Apr-06 19:30hrs – Foundation Licence training @ Fort Street.

Full Licence training Wednesday 05-Apr-06 19:30hrs @ Foxdale shack.