Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jim Christian Award

Submissions are now required from any member who wishes to be considered for this years Jim Christian award.

This award is available to Foundation and Intermediate licence holders who can produce log booked evidence (data from a PC log is fine) of their QSO’s this year.

The operator with the maximum number of evidenced QSO’s will be considered for the award and in the event of a tie the max number of different countries worked (Prefixes) will be considered (not repeater contacts).

Evidence must be made available to the secretary ( and submitted before Thursday 3rd December 2009.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Notice of "Annual General Meeting"

The Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society will hold its 61st Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 8th December 2009 at the Sea Cadet Building Tromode.
The meeting will commence at 20:00 hrs, please arrive early so that the start of the meeting is not delayed.
If any paid up members wish to present items for any other business, please send these to the "" as soon as possible and no later than Tuesday 1st December 2009.
It will be necessary at this meeting to elect new committee officers and any proposals for these posts should be sent to the secretary indicating who seconds that proposal.
Minutes of the last meeting will be made available on the night.

Secretary IOMARS

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Foundation Examination

Just a quick note to tell you that 7 students passed their Foundation Examination this afternoon.
Well done!!
We now have some callsigns -Dave MD6TSW -Henry MD3ZFQ - Izi MD6IZI - Michael MD3ZGV (more to follow)

Harry (md0heb) in Australia

Just got a nice email and photo from Harry who is enjoying very hot weather in Australia.
It will be noted from the photo that Harry is visiting a Hair and Beauty Studio possibly for some "Body Piercing"! He did mention that he was trying to get brown sun burnt legs but any other beauty therapy was not mentioned in the email - we will wait and see!!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Latest RSGB News

Goto this link for the latest from the RSGB. News.pdf

Recognise digital modes


The link above has 'images' of the various data modes - to help distinguish between their different waterfall patterns

A great facility to help you understand more about digital modes.

From Matty

A job for RAYNET!!

Whitehall plans 'White Noise' phone network collapse

The government will simulate a shutdown of the national phone network next week in an exercise involving hundreds of government and industry players.

The exercise - codenamed "White Noise" - is designed to simulate a catastrophic nationwide communications failure, will take place over Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November.
It will be the first time the UK has conducted such a large scale exercise, Geoff Smith, the head of communications security in the Department for Business, told a Lords committee today.
White Noise will simulate a total national collapse of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network. There will be no impact on those not involved in the exercise.
Such a scenario could be caused by a cyber or physical attack, or a natural disaster.
Officials will monitor the government's ability to respond in a coordinated way, including keeping Parliament and the public informed.
"We will learn whether we can respond in real time," Smith said.
Data and mobile communications will remain intact throughout the exercise.
"We'd be reduced to carrier pigeons and semaphore if we didn't have some form of communications," Smith explained.
He added that anticipation of White Noise in Whitehall had already prompted "a lot of thought and action" over the resilience of government communications and said "a lot of money" has been spent on private sector help preparing for the exercise.
Analysis of the response to White Noise will add momentum to efforts across government to strengthen the UK's communications infrastructure, Smith claimed.
He was appearing before the House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Home Affairs.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


“The ETCC and OfCom have approved the Repeater Keeper’s request for permission to change the CTCSS tone on one of the two co-channel repeaters that form part of the GB3IM network.

The change will be implemented on the Bride repeater this weekend, when the CTCSS tone will change from 110.9Hz to 71.9Hz (Tone letter “B” in the RSGB listings).

It is hoped that this will reduce, or even eliminate, the problems caused by mobiles operating in overlap areas.

Thank you to everyone for their support and patience during the rather prolonged gestation period of this project. There is still much to do and which can be done, and ideas and feedback are welcomed.

David Osborn – GD4HOZ”

Friday, November 06, 2009

Message from Andy GD1MIP

Wanted people for a trip to a UK rally. I have a 7 seter minibus and intend to take a trip to a UK rally in eaarly 2010.
The intention is to travel by boat and stay a night in a hotel then get the boat home after the rally. Blackpool on 11th April 2010 springs to mind, unless people suggest a better one.

reply please to Andy or 412711

First come first served etc. Places will need to be booked by paying up front (as I will have to pay the boat up front)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tuesday 10th November @ Tromode

Bob md0cce will be talking about his experience participating in the St Brandon DXpedition.
If you get to Tromode @ 19:30 hrs for a 20:00 hrs start you will catch the experience of this fascinating event 137,500 QSO's in the log!!!
Bring along a friend.