Saturday, January 30, 2010

Congratulations Peter

Nine year old Peter Morgan passed the Foundation Examination today; he is now MD6IOM (great callsign!).

Well done Peter we look forward to hearing you on the air.

Monday, January 25, 2010

For Sale

Matched pair of: - “Amperex 3.500Z” HF Amplifier tubes.
Brand new, never used and in original boxes labelled ‘Matched Pair’.

Price per ‘Amperex’ single tube is £320.00 from On-line suppliers!
I will sell the pair for the Single Tube price to Isle of Man Amateurs only, with a ‘No Resale’ agreement required!
They will be £400 pounds on e-bay!!!
Contact Mike – GD0HYM

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The RSGB manager now has a weekly blog, go to:
to keep up with the laters RSGB news.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Local equipment for sale

I gave up Amateur Radio about 20 years ago and sold up my station and voluntarily suspended my licence. However I kept some 2 metre equipment in storage. I am now selling remaining items ( as below) on Ebay and local amateurs may be interested that any successful bids from the Island will receive the equipment with no delivery charge added.

73 Malcolm , GD0EEM ( once GD8 ODB )

Yaesu FT290R with Mutek


Howes HC 220 Transverter 2.5 watts SSB on 2 metres to give 8 to 10 watts on 20 metres

Trio 7010 2 metre mobile SSB transceiver

A trip to the Tower!

Andy GD1MIP has been offered the chance to organise a group of members to visiting what will shortly be the 'old' Control Tower at Ronaldsway Airport. You will be able to have a look at the equipment, i.e. radar, radio, etc. What time/date would anyone/everyone be interested in going along "for a skeet"? Please let us know @

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

Earthquake net frequencies - 7045, 3720 kHz - Please keep clear
All radio amateurs are requested to keep 7045 kHz and 3720 kHz clear for possible emergency traffic related to today's major earthquake in Haiti.
International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region II Area C Emergency Coordinator Arnie Coro, CO2KK, reports that as of 0245 UTC on January 13, nothing had been heard from radio amateurs in Haiti, but that the above frequencies were being kept active in case any Haitian hams manage to get on the air, and in case of other related events in surrounding areas, including aftershocks and a possible tsunami.
The following is from an e-mail from CO2KK:
A few minutes after the earthquake was felt in eastern Cuba's cities, the Cuban Federation of Radio Amateurs Emergency Net was activated, with net control stations CO8WM and CO8RP located in the city of Santiago de Cuba, and in permanent contact with the National Seismology Center of Cuba located in that city.
Stations in the city of Baracoa, in Guantanamo province, were also activated immediately as the earth movements were felt even stronger there, due to its proximity to Haiti. CO8AZ and CO8AW went on the air immediately, with CM8WAL following. At the early phase of the emergency, the population of the city of Baracoa was evacuated far away from the coast, as there was a primary alert of a possible tsunami event or of a heavy wave trains sequence impacting the coast line at the city's sea wall ...
Baracoa could not contact Santiago de Cuba stations on 40 meters due to long skip after 5 PM local time, so several stations in western Cuba and one in the US State of Florida provided relays. CO2KK as IARU Region II Area C Emergency Coordinator, helped to organize the nets, on 7045 kHz and also on 3720 kHz, while local nets in Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa operated on 2 meters.
As late as 9,45 PM local time 0245 UTC we have not been able to contact any amateur or emergency services stations in Haiti.
Amateurs from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela were monitoring the 40 meter band frequency, that I notified to the IARU Region II executive Ramon Santoyo XE1KK as in use for the emergency, requesting that 7045 kHz be kept as clear as possible..
We are still keeping watch on 7045 kHz hoping that someone in Haiti may have access to a transceiver and at least a car battery to run it.
All information that has so far come from the Cuban seismologists tell us of a very intense earthquake, and also of the possibility of other events following.
Following the advice of the geophysicists, we are keeping the 7045 and 3720 kiloHertz frequencies active until further notice.

News from the Committee

RNLI - SOS Radio Day – Sunday 31st January 2010 0600hrs-1800hrs

GDØMAN Special Event Station from the Sea Terminal Building, Douglas (inside the main building from the Victoria Pier side of the main passenger concourse). This is being organised by Mike Dunning GDØHYM and Dave Cain MD3YLX and is part of a week long fund raising events on behalf of the RNLI. All money raised at the event will be given to the local RNLI branch for distribution amongst the five local lifeboat stations.

At present there are five operators committed, but we need at least eight to be successful. We would also like people to volunteer to man the RNLI - SOS stand that will be adjacent to the main radio desk.
We hope to transmit on 80m (around 3.700MHz) and possibly run a separate data mode station on 40m or 20m, subject to enough operators!

This fundraising week is now in its fourth year, and this is the first time that the IOMARS has been involved. Last year we ran the GB5LB special event stations, for the RNLI.

Anyone able to help out, in any way, during the day’s event should contact Mike on 482015, or Dave on 211444 (after 6pm). Time is very short to organise this event, but hopefully we can make as successful as GB5LB last year.

More information is available on the web at and


The February IOMARS meeting will include a slide show which promises to be very interesting.

Many of the more senior (!) members may remember Peter Geddes GD4LPN, who has been absent from radio for several years. Peter has many commitments around the island with the Mines Research Group, and in particular the restoration of the Snaefell Wheel in Laxey Valley Gardens.

Peter will be coming along armed with a projector and many of his slides showing the restoration of the Snaefell Wheel – there is enough for one slide every six seconds during his hour long talk, so there will be no excuses for falling asleep!

Please come along and support the evening 7.30pm for 8pm start. As always tea and biscuits will be served after the show.

If anyone has any ideas for future speakers, shows, items of interest, or would like to do a talk themselves about a favourite subject or interest (including radio!) please feel free to contact any of the committee and volunteer. We have considered holding a radio jumble (bring and buy) evening – please let us know your thoughts.

Committee IOMARS