Thursday, August 31, 2006

Full Licence Examination Dates

Advanced Exams 2006/07 - Closing Dates

Friday 14 July 06, 18:30 - start - Friday 30 June

Sunday 8 October 06, 10:30 start - Monday 18th September

Monday 4 December 06, 18:30 start - Tuesday 14 November

Tuesday 30 January 07, 18:30 start - Tuesday 9 January

Wednesday 21 March 07, 18:30 start - Wednesday 28 February

Thursday 17 May 07, 18:30 start - Thursday 26 April

Friday 20 July 07, 18:30 start - Friday 29 June

Above are the latest Full Licence examination/application dates
John GD0NFN Tutor

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

MEETING AT FORT STREET - Tuesday 22 August - WAB activations

Unfortunately the meeting has had to be cancelled.

However Dave and Judith will be visiting the Shack
tomorrow evening from19.30 onwards so interested
parties please come along.

73 de Alan GD0MWL

WAB Logbook

I have created a joint WAB logbook so that QSL cards can be sent from one source. If you would like to enter your WAB activity on this logbook please send me via comments on this blog, your callsign and e-mail address so that you can gain access. The logbook has been created on a Google spreadsheet which can be shared via your web browser.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

An interesting article!

Matty has found this interesting article about strange sunspot activity.
Well worth a read.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Radio Society of Great Britain(RSGB).

The unaudited Income and Expenditure Account for the six months
ended 30 June 2006 shows a deficit for the half-year of £18,500(for
more detail see page 86 of September RadCom).

Membership numbers were 22,987 at June 2006 compared to 23,704
in June 2005. On 3rd July 2005 there were 61,796 active UK callsigns
(England, N Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Isles and Isle of Man).

This means that just over one third of active licensees support the
national body which exists to ensure the privileges enjoyed by all are
maintained and improved and not lost to pressure from commercial
interests and others,etc.

Now that there wiil be a cost free licence for life from 1st October this
year it would seem opportune for those who are not RSGB members to
consider supporting the body which serves to protect the interests
and privileges of the radio amateur hobby.


Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society


Information just published on the Ofcom website regarding
the new licensing conditions coming into force on 1st October.

Worth reading to keep up-to-date.


Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Congratulations to George GD3 AHV.

Sixty years continuous membership of the RSGB!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

WAB Activity

WAB from the Island will commence on Sat. 19th August for one week.
Activity will mainly be around 7.06MHZ – 3.76 MHZ – 14.265 MHZ.
Spotting will operate from the WAB Spots facility (
If you intend to operate from the Island during this activity could you please advise GD0NFN on 439213 so that your details can be made available to the UK co-ordinator.
A map detailing the IOM parishes will be available in the next few days.

Have a FAB-WAB.


Repeater Keeper for GB3GD and GB3IM

The responsibilities of repeater keeper for the islands 2mt and 70cm repeaters have been taken over by Dave GD4HOZ.
The previous keeper Stan GD3LSF undertook these duties for the last 18years.
If you require further information about these repeaters please contact

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Kenwood UK announces the 'RSGB Affiliated Clubs Summer Bonus Scheme'

In brief:

If a Club Member buys a Kenwood amateur radio transceiver from a Kenwood
UK appointed dealer then Kenwood UK will pay to the Club 5% of the pre-VAT
price. The scheme will begin on 1st September 2006 and finish on 31st March
2007. Full details will appear in the September issue of RadCom.

So anyone contemplating buying a new rig(s) should give this offer some
thought - Harry HEB would be very pleased to get a boost to Club funds...!


Friday, August 11, 2006

Wednesday Evening @ the Shack

What an excellent meeting last night and at last we are moving into modern technology. A good crew turned up, and a number of interesting subjects were covered. The hat club badge, Alan is going today to get detailed costing mainly on having an embroidered jumper badge. Have a good think of any new ventures we could get involved with to improve our club image. Harry 2DoHEB

Thursday, August 10, 2006

WAB Isle of Man activity

The Worked all Britain Awards Group will be holding a special activity week over 19 to 26 August in a joint event with the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society and the British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society. This aim of the event is to encourage new licensees to gain experience in portable, mobile and net operation, and also raise amateur radio’s profile on the Isle of Man.

The activity week will coincide with International Lighthouse Weekend, and there are plans to activate all three lighthouses on the Calf of Man over 19 to 20 August. All the major lighthouses on the island will also be activated on the afternoon of 19 August.

In addition, amateurs will activate the Isle of Man’s 14 Worked all Britain areas. Special QSL cards have been produced for people who make contact with amateurs on the island during the activity week. Further detail about the event can be found on the web at
A special meeting to organise this important activity will take place @ the Foxdale Shack on Tuesday 15-aug-2006 – 19:30hrs.
Maps indicating the IOM 24 Local Authorities (like UK council areas) will be available.
Arrangements will also be made to centrally co-ordinate WAB area activity and log book details (for QSL cards to be issued).
Please attend and make this week a success in promoting the Isle of Man, WAB, BARLS and Amateur Radio.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

WAB Activity - Isle of Man- August 2006

The RSGB website and News broadcast yesterday covered the forthcoming
WAB activity in some detail - worth a look at the website.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

RSGB - Region 3 - North West

Region 3, of which the Isle of Man is a part, now has its
own website:

Please let me know if you have any contributions to make.


At Last

Well, at last I think I am on board/all read and very interesting WAB is now our next joint effort so the monthly meeting at Tromode will be our last chance.

Next priority is the new emergency communications group, I believe much was talked about by officials regarding lack of people to run all stages of the rally. This gives us the chance to get set up with the alternative , dont you think?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Full Licence Training

Arrangements were made to hold a training session at the Foxdale shack this Thursday 03-Aug-06. I am now advised that the road will be closed because of the Rally and therefore it will not be possible to run the session.
Unfortunately I am already committed next Thursday and therefore I suggest next Wednesday (9th) is the next best option.
Please let me know if this is OK by commenting on this site or sending an e-mail to me