Sunday, April 29, 2012

Understanding AM and FM modulation

1964 US Army training films explaining AM and FM modulation.
Whilst these films are old they are excellent presentations well worth viewing.

Thanks to Southgate ARS for the link.

Monday, April 23, 2012

OFCOM restrict Amateur frequencies during Olympic games

Amateur Radio - Spectrum Use During the Period of the 2012 Games (28th June 2012 to 23rd September 2012)

OFCOM Information

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Laxey Node frequency on 70.350 MHz

The Laxey node (GD0NFN) is now operating on 70.350 MHz using 110.9 CTCSS for access.
The node is connected to the AllStar network, the node number being 27236.
This node is also connected to the IOM Hub and therefore access to the Island 70cm repeater network is possible through this node.
All reports on this node please to

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Improvements to Carnane Repeater!!

Regarding Carnane, we discovered that the feeders leaving the building had come adrift from their proper places and one had been rubbing against the wall. The result was that a 4-inch section of the outer sheath and the inner braid and foil screen had worn away on one side of the cable. This probably began a couple of months ago and has been a slowly deteriorating situation ever since.

I say this because we dissected the damaged section and found no significant water ingress. Had this been a longer-term issue, there would definitely have been a lot more corrosion.

Myself (Dave Osborn the repeater keeper), Ed, Matty and Andy went to the site last Saturday and cut out the offending section of feeder and re-connected it. It is true to say that the improvement has been dramatic!

So, yes, work was done and we are all glad to see the difference it has made.

There are pictures on the GB3IM page at

Many thanks to all the workers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Changes to this Blog!

You will note that this Blog no longer represents the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society as it has done for many years; the Society Committee feels that they can no longer post on a Blog edited by a none committee member.

I will continue to post information about Amateur Radio activity on the Island as long as interest in this Blog continues and as before all Amateurs are welcome to post information about their activities, items for sale etc.


Monday, April 16, 2012

MD0DXW resignation from the IOMARS Committee

Having had numerous telephone calls from radio amateur’s on the island and two off asking why I had resigned from the committee of the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society (IOMARS).

I thought I would clear matters up I have only resigned from the committee and not from the club I must make that clear.
My reason for resigning from the committee.

Well, it’s a bit varied and, I don’t wish to overstate specifics, suffice to say that I was not complacent in the attempt to expunge a well-known and long term radio amateur on the island and fervently disagreed with the chairman’s actions as I considered them to be ultra vires and in the end my views were upheld.

Also, having been a reasonably well connected civil servant (now retired) and having time to knock on the “highest of highest” doors in Government I therefore, offered my assistance on several occasions to the club only to have it ignored and the inference that I was interfering with other people’s empires.
The last email I had from the committee when I asked a question regarding RAYNET- I was informed that because of “leaks in the past” I was not going to be emailed answers to my questions.

Over the Christmas period I was not too well and did not attend the club or committee meetings – apart from one committee member who contacted me to see if I was OK the rest were quiescent.

I can now see why older members are no longer in the IOMARS – I have been involved in amateur radio since I was ten or so years old and, had great mentor in GD3FOC.

The club needs to keep the older members… not try to expunge them or ignore them – this is a marvellous hobby we have and most of us have been in it since children share the hobby.

Dr. W Morgan Griffiths

W Morgan Griffiths LL.B P.hd
Member of the Health and Safety Lawyers Assotiation
Member of the Local Government Lawyers Assotiation
Trained Arbitration Service


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Committee resignation

Dave Cain, 2D0YLX, the Chairman of the IOMARS wishes to inform all Manx based amateurs of a recent resignation from the IOMARS committee.

W Morgan Griffiths, MD0DXW has today 10th April 2012 asked the society secretary Andy Morgan, GD1MIP to 'accept my immediate resignation from the committee of the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society (IOMARS)'.

The Chairman accepts Morgan's resignation and thanks him for the time he has devoted to the IOMARS since he was elected as an ordinary member to the committee in December 2009.

The chair invites any person interested in taking this vacant position on the committee to get in touch to discuss the matter.

Sent by the secretary of the Isle of Man amateur radio society, Andy Morgan GD1MIP.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

IOM Amateur on German TV