Friday, August 15, 2008

Radio/Internet links

Above are the registered links on the Island - (RSGB information) and I wonder if the blog readers can tell me what times they are open and what software they link on the Internet with?
(click on the picture)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vision Powerline Adaptors

BT in the UK are selling” Vision Powerline Adaptors “which operate on 3-30 MHz, These units allow data to be passed through your home mains electricity wires.
There are many reports of these devices causing severe interference to the HF spectrum and a UK Government petition has been started to have the devices removed from sale.
If you would like to consider signing the petition goto :-
I don’t’ know if these units are in use on the Island but if you know that they are can you please send me a comment. (To


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Presentation Tonight (12-08-08)

A presentation on "Resilient Telecommunications" will be given tonight following GD0NFN attending the UK Government Emergency Planning College.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Radio - Internet Links

There are two radio - Internet links on the Island which may be used by any Amateur in the Douglas area:-

GD0BCJ (Paul) on 144.8375 Mhz @ Ballasala covering Douglas & South

GD8TMR (Phil) on 145.2375 Mhz @ Douglas covering Douglas & North

They both are registered for the CTCSS access tone 110.9 Hz

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2007 Examination results

Members may be interested to know the results of last years amateur radio examinations.
(RSGB Publication)
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend

Society members will be operating from the Point of Ayre on the 16-17th August using GT4IOM and GT3FLH. Why not pay them a visit and join in this busy Society activity.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

RAYNET / RAEN (RSGB Statement)

Due to irreconcilable differences between the RSGB Board and the Trustees of RAEN (The Network) over the direction and future management of RAYNET the Society has decided to end the Memorandum of Understanding put in place in April 2004. This was designed to try to bring closer together all RAYNET factions for the greater good of RAYNET and the image of Amateur Radio to the user services and the general public. However a number of instances had come to light where The Network had operated outside of the agreement and at the Board meeting held on July 12th it was decided to replace the MoU with a Position Statement, which will be available on the RSGB website. During a meeting held on July 24th between representatives of the Society and RAEN this document was rejected outright by RAEN.

The RSGB had put forward to RAEN a number of joint ventures such as a common RAYNET Handbook, common ID cards for all RAYNET groups and a common insurance arrangement. All of these measures were designed to assist members and to strengthen RAYNET in the eyes of the user services. Sadly, despite initial agreement, offers of cooperation on these projects was withdrawn by the Management Board of the “Network”.

Earlier this year the RSGB sent out a questionnaire to all affiliated clubs and societies seeking information regarding Public Service (including but not limited to RAYNET) activity and capabilities. This was to RSGB clubs and Societies only, yet the Network maintain that it should have been vetted by them in the first instance and that they were the “larger market force” in the UK as far as the amateur radio emergency services were concerned. The RSGB take the view that it is up to them alone to decide what should be sent to their members.

The RSGB had proposed 6 monthly meetings between the RAEN and RSGB, but this was also rejected by the Network. The RSGB remain open to further discussions as and when the RAEN decide that this is in the interests of the Movement.

Meanwhile, the Director Public Services has been tasked with producing an RSGB RAYNET ID card, seeking improvement to the RSGB RAYNET insurance and producing an operations manual. All RSGB groups are urged to continue with the excellent arrangements for cooperation that are in place ‘on the ground’ between all groups.

The RSGB will continue to represent all UK Radio Amateurs, Affiliated Clubs and Groups and its members in the unbiased way it has done so for the past 95 years.
It will continue to recognise the importance of RAYNET both in the UK and across the world and will endeavour to meet the needs of all RAYNET operators of whatever persuasion.