Monday, March 28, 2011

RSGB General Manager

RSGB General Manager Peter Kirby, RSGB General Manager, has left the Society’s employment after the discovery of financial irregularities on his part.
For the time being, RSGB Director Don Beattie, G3BJ, will act as General Manager.
At this difficult time for the Society can I ask that everyone supports Don in his role.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who is looking at the Blog this month?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sea Water Antenna

When you go to play on the beach take your radio and a sea water antenna!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japanese Earthquake

following information received from Ken Yamamoto JA1CJP of JARL 
these frequencies are known to be in use for the response to the 
Japanese earthquake.

7043 kHz SSB controled by JR3QHQ the Osaka branch manager of JARL He is 
gathering incident information on radio and forwarding this information 
onto the internet.

7075 kHz SSB is operated by JL3YSP in Wakayama occasionally.

7030 kHz which is the JARL emergency communication frequency in their 
bandplan is in use by JA7RL (JARL regional HQ station).

The last frequency is particularly QRP relevant. There are obviously 
propagation factors which would limit their range but would all amateurs 
please make every effort to avoid interfering with emergency 
communications on these frequencies.

Thanks & 73,
Greg, G0DUB
IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Allstar Network

Following the excellent presentation last night (8th March) by GD0HOZ (Dave) on the topic of the Isle of Man 70cm repeater network, we were asked to put on the Blog internet links for the Allstar system. will give you a view of all the live nodes with their node numbers; this link will also allow you access to a live graphic presentation of node activity. allows licenced amateurs to login into Allstar and activate the web based terminal so that you can link to the system on line at any time.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Repeater News

News and update regarding the Snaefell repeaters going back to full power.

Since my last missive there has not been a great deal to report regarding the site – bad weather has really hampered any progress to the amateur repeaters by engineers, and really only emergency repairs and maintenance have been carried out on essential emergency service’s equipment.

Snaefell is a very hostile place in winter, and especially so after the winter we have just had, and no one wishes the safety of engineers to be jeopardised.
However, I have kept a regular communications channel open with the site owners being the Isle of Man government, and I am assured now that our work is “priority one” with them. At present the government are undergoing mast checks on all sites around the island, and I am assured that when this is completed we will be given priority.

I am aware that the work has taken longer than usual to get to this state but we are being subsidised to the value of approximately 8,000.00 pounds sterling by the government to have the facility on Snaefell, so would beg your patients for a little while longer.

W Morgan Griffiths MD0DXW