Thursday, April 09, 2009

Practical Construction of Wire Antennas

Godfrey GD4EIP will be presenting a session on constructing and testing wire antennas. This will be a practical session where you will have the opportunity to make erect and test a real antenna.

Learn how to calculate the correct length of wire and how to feed the antenna to your radio. Test equipment will also be available so that you can make certain that the antenna is suited to the frequency you wish to work on.

All this will take place at Tromode on Tuesday 14th April 19:30 for 20:00hrs.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Emergency frequencies declared for Italian earthquake

The ARRL report that 7045 and 3640 kHz are being used as emergency frequencies for the Italian earthquake.
Please keep these frequencies clear.

Examination Changes!

From the 1st June 2009 there will be changes to the Foundation and Intermediate examinations syllabus. There will be no examinations during the month of May to allow the changes with the question banks to take place.
The Foundation training book was altered some months ago and the new Intermediate book (5th edition) is now on sale.
Dates/Times for the advanced examination are as follows:
4th June18:30hrs
7th August 18:30hrs
October date to be announced.
7th December 18:30hrs
2nd February 2010 18:30hrs
7th April 2010 18:30hrs
3rd June 2010 18:30hrs

GB5LB Special Event Station

Mike Dunning GD0HYM has arranged with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute a series of special event stations using the callsign GB5LB (5 Lifeboat Stations around the Island).
Stations will operate SSB on 80mtrs (3.7 MHz +/-) on the following Open Lifeboat days:-

Douglas Lifeboat Sunday May 10th 2009
Peel Lifeboat, Thursday June 4th 2009
Ramsey Lifeboat, Saturday July 4th 2009
Port Erin Lifeboat Sunday July 12th 2009
Port St Mary Lifeboat, Sunday July 26th 2009

There will be a special QSL card for the event and operators who contact all 5 Lifeboat Stations will be eligible for a special RNLI certificate.
All QSL card must be sent to:-
Port St Mary Lifeboat
The Boat House
Lime Street
Port St Mary
Isle of Man
Please also send an SAE and an IRC with all your QSL cards (UK stamps can’t be used from the IOM) if you would like a special certificate.
Local operators are required for all these events; for further details please contact the organiser Mike GD0HYM at ""

Friday, April 03, 2009

Congratulations to Tom!

Congratulations to Tom Milestone 2D0TWM who passed his Intermediate examination on Wednesday evening;

Well done Tom!