Saturday, July 31, 2010

TETRA not that reliable in Scotland

RAYNET is needed because 50+ Government organisations on the Island are totally dependant on TETRA for communications. It fails at times and leaves no more than mobile phones for communications!

Friday, July 30, 2010


RAYNET will be meeting at Woodbourne Road on the following dates:

Friday 3rd September 19:30hrs
Friday 24th September 19:30hrs
Friday 29th October 19:30hrs

RAYNET members are asked to put these dates in their diaries.

Secretary RAYNET IOM

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Foundation and Intermediate Training/Examination


We have now set dates for the Foundation and Intermediate courses / exams.

Saturday 11th September 2010, 12:00 hours to 16:00 hours (approx) at Eary Cushlin

Saturday 18th September 2010 10:00 hours to 16:00 hours at Homefield, 88 Woodbourne Road, Douglas.

Sunday 19th September 2010 10:00 hours to 18:00 (approx) hours at Homefield, 88 Woodbourne Road, Douglas.

Training will take place on the above dates. Exams will take place on the 19th with the Foundation at 15:00 hours and the Intermediate following on at about 16:15 hours. This gives the option for successful foundation candidates to immediately sit the intermediate exam.

Membership of the society is required to join the course and / or sit the exam, this covers costs and insurance. Annual subscriptions are Adult £15. OAP £10. Students £5 and under 16 years free. Please fill in the appropriate form (above) if you have not already done so and forward it to the secretary (cheques made payable to IOMARS).

All candidates have to submit a CATCE application for each exam they want to sit (form above) please forward the appropriate form/s to the tutor, John Butler (cheques made payable to IOMARS). Fees are as follows: Foundation Exam will be £22.50; Intermediate Exam will be £27.50, so if you wish to sit both exams you need to pay £50. NB if you want to take both exams and fail the foundation examination you will not be able to take the intermediate exam.

If a candidate has any special requirements e.g. visually / hearing / mobility impaired, require a mentor during training or reader during the examination please advise the society on return of the documentation.

Dont forget to buy the books ’Foundation now' and 'Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation' sold by the RSGB . You need to have read the appropriate book before the course starts.

Candidates taking the Intermediate examination need to prepare a construction project, which will be assessed by one of the tutors (need to see you doing some soldering) facilities for this will be available at Eary Cushlin or before the training in the Society shack at Foxdale.

Regards John Butler GD0NFN, RSGB registered tutor & Andy Morgan GD1MIP RSGB registered tutor.

Andy Morgan (secretary)
Thal'loo Glass
The Dog Mills, IM7 4AQ
Isle of Man

John Butler (tutor)
15 Church Close
Lonan, IM4 7JY
Isle of Man

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Radio for sale.

Alinco DX-70T transceiver for sale, 160 - 6m.
HF 100w out, 6m-10w out, with matching Alinco EDX-1 manual antenna tuner.
Comes with home-built data interface for RTTY/PSK/SSTV etc, unit has built in switch allowing switching between data/mic modes without having to unplug the mic.
Switchable power between 10 & 100 watts, or 5 & 50 watts - ideal for newly licensed MD3/MD6.
Boxed, in good condition complete with manuals.



Sunday, July 18, 2010

GD and IM Repeaters on Snaefell Mountain

I have been asked by a number of members as to the time line for the return to full power of both stations, and on behalf of the chairman and committee. The information below - I hope will provide members with that.

We are awaiting an installation slot now from the communications division of government - they asked if it could be delayed until after the T.T. period - It was felt that this was prudent so to do as we require a full specification install - not a quick fit because of the hostile environment offered at the top of the mountain.

As soon as further information is available - such as an install date it will be posted here.
Mr Blackburn also purchased antenna and feeders for the IOMARS to assist us in completing the antenna installation and for this we are most grateful to him.

W. Morgan Griffiths MDODXW
Hi to all the 2010 Eary Cuslin event is coming up. Can all that are going to this weekend of fun, please let myself Stephen GD7DUZ or Mike GD0HYM know and please pay your fee. £20 for an overnight stay or £10 for the day.
The weekend of the 11th - 12th September, may the weather be good and lots of wire in the sky. Bring your own food and drinking water and beer or just beer.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

4mt FM (70 Mhz) RAYNET

On Sunday 11th July @ 13:00 hrs there will be a 4mt FM net on 70.3625 MHz.
For those people using the modified RAYNET PMR radio's this will be channel 10.
The purpose of this net is to test propagation around the Island on this band and all are welcome to join in.

Monday, July 05, 2010


TV or radio interference or reception problems

From 30 June 2010 the BBC will be taking responsibility for investigating complaints of interference to your radio and television. Until that date please continue to use the Ofcom webform or contact the Ofcom Advisory Team.

All outstanding cases with Ofcom will be passed to the BBC for action from this date. On and after 1 July, all complaints should be made to the BBC. You can find the BBC's diagnostic webform at the following address:

If, following the investigation by the BBC, there is evidence of interference caused by something outside your control and which is unlawful, the BBC may refer your case back to Ofcom for possible enforcement action.