Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Foxdale Shack Closed!!

The shack at Foxdale will be closed this Wednesday evening (01-April-09)as examinations are taking place @ Crosby Church Hall. We wish the examination candidates good luck!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Modern Communications – The Issues!

Alan GD0MWL and Stewart GD0OUD recently attended a three day conference funded by the IOM Government.
There attendance was a part of the Government strategy to support the IOMARS in their development of RAYNET on the Island. At times of disaster things can go wrong with the communications systems and back up radio communication become essential. Most of our statutory services now depend on a single solution (TETRA) for their resilient communications; this can and has failed and RAYNET then becomes very important.
Alan and Stewart will speak about the issues they discovered during the conference.

When things go wrong on the Isle of Man.
Tuesday 10th March 19:30hrs. @ Tromode.
Members are very welcome to bring along a guest for this interesting presentation.