Sunday, June 29, 2008

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to Harry, Collin and Peter who have just been advised that they have passed the full licence. Standby World !

Thursday, June 12, 2008

UK Interface Requirement 2028

The request for a link has been made to acces the Ofcom document "UK Interface Requirement 2028" please use the following link:-


Ofcom have now issued the callsign GB4MNH (Manx National Heritage) and it will be used on 21-22 Jun 08 to activate “International Museums Weekend 2008” from The Old Grammar School, Castletown.

We will be at the site each day and need your support to operate and help with erecting and bringing down the tower.

Licence Terms and Conditions

Following our recent discussion about licence terms and conditions, I have been in touch with Ofcom to clarify some of the issues raised. My statement about having to register on the Ofcom website was incorrect as registering your licence is not mandatory.

Here is an extract from the Ofcom reply:

Registering to the online service is only an option and not mandatory, It will be the licensee's responsibility to ensure that their details are kept up to date but every five years Ofcom will prompt licensees to ensure that their details are correct and this will form the validation process.

Licensee’s that have registered to the Ofcom Licensing Centre Services Website will be required to update the information on their licence within 5 years without the need to contact Ofcom. Please note that currently this is not an obligatory requirement but purely a mechanism allowing licensees to "self-manage” their licences.

With regard to changing your address on the web site Ofcom advise that this can be done online:

Licensees are able to change the details of both their main station and mailing address using the online service. However, if users do experience problems whilst online then they do have the option of contacting the Ofcom Licensing Centre for assistance.