Saturday, October 07, 2006

Who are Radio Amateurs?

Is this how you should be described - market research undertaken by the RSGB found the following profile for Radio Amateurs and this information is used to promote advertising in RadCom.

In a recent survey of Radio Society of Great Britain members it was found that:
• They are affluent with 60% being HF orientated where equipment can cost
between £2000 and £5000
• Most are A1 or B1 consumers and highly skilled individuals
• 90% plus of amateurs describe themselves as PC literate
• Of the same amateurs over three quarters list PCs as an
interest they have outside radio
• 75% of radio amateurs are constructers of things electronic
• They are decision makers in their work environment
• Amateurs list DIY and gardening as major interests along with
large numbers who enjoy military history, aircraft and country pursuits

There are 60,000 licensed radio amateurs in the UK
and they make up the backbone of Britain’s Radio
Engineers, Wireless System Technicians and
Electronics Gurus.

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