Saturday, January 13, 2007

Special Event Callsigns

There has been a lot of discussion recently about obtaining a Special Event Callsign to commemorate the
100th Anniversary of the TT Motorcycle Races. However, there seems to be some confusion about what is
involved, ie. the advantages, disadvantages, procedures and responsibilities of having such a callsign.

To begin with full details can be found on pages 75 to 77 of the 2007 RSGB Yearbook which, in some respects,
are quite onerous. It is recommended that anyone contemplating the use of a GB callsign read these carefully!
In addition, as there will probably be a significant demand for QSL cards pages, page 17 should also be read.

In brief summary, a Special Event Callsign is issued by OFCOM for a maximum of 28 consecutive days and is by
Notice of Variation to an INDIVIDUAL who holds an Advanced Licence. This individual undertakes to be responsible
for the Special Event Station and is required to be present to supervise its correct operation. The station should
normally be open to viewing by members of the public and may only be established and operated at ONE specified
location. This must be the address stated on the application form and must be detailed enough for anyone to
find easily.

Those interested in a TT Special Event Station will be aware of the problems of finding a suitable location, getting
enough support operators, deciding on how many days and for how many hours the station will operate and
funding and ultimately sending off the special QSL cards!

Don't forget the IOMARS club callsign can be used throughout the year, at any time and place and by any suitably
qualified member!


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