Thursday, January 10, 2008

IOM Mines on the air - what do you think?

Just spotted on the latest RSGB News (Members Site) that DG2DCI is looking to put 'Mining Projects' on the air. The aim is to activate pits, shafts, mining museums, etc.
The Island has a lot of mines, see:
a number of which could described as 'tourist attractions' (QSL cards!).
How about a Special Event station? The email address of DG2DCI is given in the RSGB news item for those interested in seeking more information.
Incidentally, Peter Geddes (recently awarded an MBE for work to do with IOM mines research)
is a member of the Mines Research Group and is (or was) a licensed amateur (his name doesn't appear in recent RSGB Yearbooks so he may be 'details withheld' ). He can be contacted through the website mentioned above.
Perhaps the IOMARS Committee would consider at the next meeting putting on an appropriate Special Event station?

73 de Alan GD0MWL.

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