Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GB0AOA from the IOM

GB0AOA was on the air on 1st April from Ronaldsway (Manx Aviation Club premises at the Derbyhaven end) to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Royal Air Force on 1st April 1918. Special Event stations throughout Britain operated from airfields which, at some time, had operated on a military basis (the Isle of Man has three such airfields, ie. Ronaldsway, both RAF and RN [still operational as the current IOM Airport]; Andreas and Jurby, both RAF but now only used in a private capacity).

GB0AOA was arranged and set up by Mike GD0HYM. An 80m dipole was erected on the previous day by Mike and Jack MD3WZU, during excellent weather conditions. During the night and for most of the operating day a gale or strong winds were experienced; fortunately the dipole survived unscathed! Forty-nine contacts were made on 80m with the IOM station putting out a strong signal throughout Britain. In addition to Mike, RAFARS and IOMARS members Arthur GD3TNS, Wilf GD0IFU and Alan GD0MWL were present on the day. The assistance given and interest shown by Jack MD3WZU was very much appreciated and welcomed. Mike has GB0AOA for the rest of the year and plans to operate with the same call sign from Andreas and Jurby and possibly once again from Ronaldsway.

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