Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A winter project!

I have purchased this vehicle and will be turning into a mobile radio shack.
I am looking to find a way to fix a rotator so that I can carry pre assembled antennas on a short mast and fix it when I arrive at a site.

This is going to be my winter project , I also would like to know if I can run a monitor and my rotator control with a Inverter and what size I might need , any thoughts anyone?
I do have a generator if needed a small Honda one and could use that but at times it would be ideal to run from the vehicle battery system.

It would also be fitted out ready to go at anytime with all my radios and receivers so I don’t have to unpack it all so getting things fixed down is going to be a challenge.

I am hoping that if insurance can be obtained the Island RAYNET group might like to use the vehicle; it would be a shame having the thing sat at home when it could be needed.

Comments and offers of help to: - philsmith@manx.net

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