Monday, January 12, 2009

Eary Cushlin - Radio Weekend

The Outward Bound Centre at Eary Cushlin, has been provisionally booked for the Society members to use.
The provisional date is 19th/20th September 2009 and this booking has to be confirmed no later than 31st of July 2009, so it would be appreciated if those wishing to go for the weekend, would please, book & pay, with ‘Mike GD0HYM’ or ‘Steve GD7DUZ’ as soon as possible.
For those who wish to attend for the complete weekend and sleep at the site, the charge will be £20. Anyone who ‘Attends for just the day, either Saturday or Sunday, the charge will be £10.
It would be appreciated if casual visitors would make a donation to help cover the costs for the weekend. (Tea/Coffee/Biscuits will be provided)
Please note that the IOMARS does NOT subsidise this event. It is paid for by those who attend.
The weekend will run for 24hrs from Midday on the Saturday through until midday on the Sunday.
We will of course be able to gain access to the site from mid morning on the Saturday to set up etc and likewise have time after 12.00 Sunday to dismantle/clean the site afterwards.
If you have never been to Eary Cushlin it is an enjoyable weekend, with the freedom to put up virtually anything you wish in the sky.
The IOMARS will have both the Tower/Beam and an 80mtr Dipole set up as two separate radio stations, or you can bring your own equipment as well if it suits you. Just come along and have a great and fun weekend playing radio!!

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