Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SOTA Weekend on 1-2 May 2010.

International SOTA Weekend will be upon us again in just under 3 weeks time. We hope that many of our active SOTA associations will have summit radio operations on that weekend. Last year's first ever International SOTA Weekend was a very big success, with a large number of SOTA activations on both days. As well as this, a large number of our associations were active. So far, it looks like our most active activators will be operating on the weekend, so it will be a typically busy weekend with SOTA operations from several different associations internationally. But what makes International SOTA Weekend special is the extra activations from the more unusual associations and regions. At present, there are no alerts or intentions for the following associations: GD, ZS, EI, HA, HB, F, SP, OH, HB0, SM, S5, PA, OD, TK, W1, W3, VP8, LX, OZ, 9H, YO, E7, W0 Some these associations are very rarel! ! y activated, while others are very new in the programme. (Some are long-time successful associations, and I am sure there will be activity from HA, HB, F and S5!). Some of the rarer or newer associations will be particularly sought after by chasers on International SOTA Weekend. This may be a good opportunity for you or other amateurs in your association to work a DX-type pile-up from the summits! May I please encourage you, and amateurs in your association, to use the SOTAwatch Alerts to announce your intentions for International SOTA Weekend, as the more alerts that appear, the greater the interest and anticipation will be. Last year was fantastic - but let's make this year even better! Very best reagrds es 73,

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