Friday, August 27, 2010

md0man - contact with the International space station

QSO just after midnight local time with Commander Doug Wheelock onboard the ISS.

I was expecting the packet to be active, but didn't hear anything so gave a call on the voice frequencies (145.800 mhz down, 145.2 Mhz up - standard UK repeater shift - 600k),
wasn't expecting a reply, so didn't have any recording equipment ready, managed to get the phone to record the last bit of the QSO here.

He asked the country I was calling from, when I mentioned the Isle of Man, he mentioned Nicole & Chris Stott, said I tried to make contact when Nicole was on-board, but wasn't able to manage it.

Can hear me fiddling with the rotator & clunking away in the background.

Astronaut No.3 in the log & a happy Matty contact 27th August.wav

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