Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RSGB second announcement on Bluefin amateur radio insurance

On the 9 March we announced that the RSGB had learnt that Bluefin, also known as Amateur Radio Insurance Services, was leaving the amateur radio insurance market. Prior to this Bluefin had advised the Society of their intention to move the existing insurance business to a new underwriter and broker. Unfortunately it appears that they were not successful in this which has resulted in them writing to their customers informing them that they will not be taking on any new amateur radio insurance business or renewing existing policies when they expire.

The RSGB has no direct involvement with amateur radio insurance and this announcement was unexpected.

The RSGB is aware that other brokers are interested in offering amateur radio insurance and hopes that an announcement on a new insurance provider might be made by the 31 March when Bluefin ceases to take on new business. We will keep members informed of any developments.

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