Wednesday, May 09, 2012

RAYNET Isle of Man

At a meeting of the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society last night (08-05-12) it was agreed to cease RAYNET activity on the Island until such time that significant interest was generated from Amateurs on the Island and/or the first responder services.
The meeting had been very well advertised and was open to the general public, a small number of individuals attended and it was very clear from the discussion that it was not possible to established a viable RAYNET on the Island able to provide a well trained and organized service which could ensure an adequate response from individuals as required.
Interesting discussion also took place about the possibility of litigation against the organization or it’s individuals in the event of things going wrong when RAYNET participates in an activity or emergency situation; clearly the risks for a voluntary organisation getting it wrong are much greater in today’s society than was previously the case.
The Society will continue to review this matter and remains willing to reopen discussion if required.

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