Saturday, June 30, 2012

70cm band at risk in Australia

The Australian Communications and Media Authority's Spectrum
Conference this year saw the ongoing work associated on the
review of 400 MHz spectrum. This is a band of frequencies
that also includes the 70 centimeter ham radio allocation.

Currently, the Australian amateur service has a secondary
status between 420 and 450 MHz. In the last report from the
Australian Communications and Media Authority on its review
issued April 2010, it advised that the allocation for the
amateur service between 430 and 450 MHz would not be
affected from any rearrangement. However, they cited, a
possible need for some temporary use by other services in
the segment 440 to 450 MHz during the transition period.

In the Amateur secondary segment 420 to 430 MHz, in some
geographic areas around Australia, amateur use of that
spectrum has already been withdrawn. At the conference, the
Australian Communications and Media Authority indicated that
they will be seeking to consult with the Wireless Institute
of Australia on withdrawal of the amateur service in this
segment across the rest of that nation.

Currently, the major use of this band segment by amateurs is
fixed links and the like. The Australian Communications and
Media Authority database lists around 126 assignments to
some 35 licensees. It is expected these can be relocated to
the 430 to 450 MHz portion of the band.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, -- Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF,

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