Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society asks for feedback!

It seems that the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society is once again unhappy about older Amateurs on the Island “Usually (in my experience) the worst detractors are older (in age)” says the Society Secretary. This comment is supported by the Society Chairman “My sentiments exactly! If the moaners don’t like the way that IOMARS is being run then either speak up and help sort out the problems, or vote with your feet!”
People have indeed voted with their feet as speaking up has failed to resolve some of the issues and the Society has seen a rapid decline in membership over the last 2 years (70+ down to 30+).
The current committee has been subject to significant criticism and this continues to be the case, but there may be light at the end of the tunnel as a co-opted committee member GD6ICR (callsign at is offering to represent, disaffected members and has asked that this be known to amateurs who don’t read the Societies ‘official’ blog.
It is very sad to see such an old Society going down the drain; Amateur Radio is a fine hobby and is currently being affected on the Island by personality conflicts; why not contact GD6ICR and express your thoughts and moans and allow the Society the chance to recover from its failures.

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