Saturday, January 11, 2014

UK Amateur Radio Licence holders may be down by 47%.

Amateur Radio licence holders in the UK may have reduced by 47% in the last 7 years whilst USA licence holders have shown a significant increase.
Ofcom who administer the licence system don't know the true statistics.

(Data from Ofcom)

"In the United Kingdom, 76,362 licensees were on record as of March 2012 — up by 3.9 percent over 2011 — and growth was consistent." which paints a completely false picture of the situation. The reality is that the number of UK radio amateurs has fallen by 47% over the past 7 years.

The UK licenses should be renewed (revalidated) every 5 years but the regulator Ofcom recently admitted that 47% of the licenses reported in their monthly statistics had not been renewed. The license statistics still include people who died or gave up the hobby 7 years ago.

It must also be remembered that in the UK there is double or triple counting of licenses. When people upgrade from Foundation to Intermediate and Full (Advanced) their previous licenses remain in the figures. In addition a significant number of amateurs hold two Full (Advanced) licenses as a result of the old Class A / Class B license structure.
(information from Southgate ARS News)

(USA data -  click the image for a clearer view)


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