Saturday, April 12, 2014

A message from our repeater keeper.

The following information has been received from the Isle of Man repeater keeper Dave GD4HOZ.
Repeaters IOM

"On Monday and Tuesday of next week (14-15 April 2014), the DHA (Government) will be carrying out routine electrical inspection work at Snaefell.  This will necessarily involve the isolation of the mains supply to site users’ equipment including ours.

Last summer I installed a range of new equipment on Snaefell to protect us from power failures, and to provide a means to remotely control the power to various items of equipment. This can be seen in the photo attached.

The Compaq UPS is rated at 1500VA and should easily power ‘GD and ‘IM for the duration of the planned outage. Ordinarily, the UPS will only need to cover the interval between mains failure and the startup of the generator, which should be less than a minute. On this occasion, the outage will be up to half an hour, so the batteries will get a good run!

With these facilities in place, I do not anticipate any downtime but it’s as well to let people know."

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