Friday, August 01, 2014

Pages visited by Internet users from Turkey?

Over the last few days I have seen visits to the blog from Turkey, it seems that TA...... callsigns are taking a sudden interest in the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Blog?
I wonder why - please let me know in the comments section.
Regardless of the reason you are very welcome!


F.C. Trevor Gale said...

Quite surprising... also that there are so few from the mainland... I'm ex-G8GFH, now ex-pat in the Netherlands as PA2TG but now at our place in Wengen [canton Bern] in HB9 country!!!
I would very much like to know what the ATV activity is like in the island [my connection comes from a family link in Colby where I've also spent some younger years!]...

The Isle of Man Amateur Radio Soap-Box said...

Hi Trevor - thanks for your comments, as far as I know ATV activity on the Island is nil. Most of the mainland Amateurs get their news from Southgate ARS website.
John gd0nfn