Sunday, May 07, 2017

NJ7H to operate from the Isle of Man

Crown Dependencies on the satellites

Gabriel 'Gabe' Zeifman NJ7H arrived in Jersey (MJ) on May 6 and will be active on the satellites from there as well as from Guernsey (MU) and Isle of Man (MD) in the following days

On the AMSAT Bulletin Board he writes:

I will be on the 0142Z pass of FO-29 as my first North America bound pass. Today (May 7) I will be on whatever AO-7 (if it somehow manages to be in mode B or C) and FO-29 passes that will work for NA and other passes for EU. 
On the 8th (around 1100Z) I will be heading to Guernsey, and on the 10th to Isle of Man, with similar goals from all three. I should have a great horizon to the west from all these places, sea cliffs over the ocean. 

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