Friday, July 28, 2006

ISS Information from Matty!

SSTV test from the ISS

The ARRL reports that a test of the ARISS SSTV system aboard the International Space Station may be conducted over Russia the weekend of July 29th. This news was released by the ARRL Amateur Radio News, July 26, 2006. Expedition 13 Commander Pavel Vinogradov, RV3BS is expected to test the SSTV system over Moscow using the downlink frequency of 144.49 MHz. All amateurs within range are encouraged to receive the FM broadcast.

Those of us in other parts of the world eagerly await further testing of the amateur radio SSTV system and look forward to receiving pictures from the ISS. Additional information about the SSTV system can be found on the MAREX-MG site.

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