Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Comments about the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society.

Well,  I have awaited the IOMARS "the only official blog site" to post the report on the AGM in December 2012.
It seems they have relied on the "Soap Box" rather than the official web site…

STATEMENT "formal minutes of the meeting are expected to become available to members of the Society".

How far in the future will this happen? I was a member in the year of the AGM.

STATEMENT "A repeater update was made available from the repeater keeper and this regretted no progress with GB3GD and GB3IM antenna situation (Snaefell),"
Must now be 9 years since pressure was brought to government regarding this matter.

STATEMENT "Mike Webb (co-opted on to the committee) stated that he had made his contact details available so that he could raise concerns about the Society with the committee, he stated that he had received no emails or phone calls and that he was aware of a small group of individuals who were unhappy about certain matters".

Now this is a strange statement as Mr Webb sent an email to me albeit to the wrong person…following that a lengthy conversation took place between him and myself regarding the state of the club over the telephone he stated that he would make my comments known.

W M Griffiths  MD0DXW

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