Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Get on your Soap-Box and chat on line

Can’t contact a friendly amateur on the repeater, not answering his phone, would like an online chat about Amateur Radio; why not use the “Zello” application to make contact.
Zello (www.zello.com)  is a simple to use application for your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android device or PC (Not available for Mac yet) which is described as a Walkie-talkie application; with a Wi-Fi or data link you can use this simple application to make contact from around the World (or around the Island). Iomars.blogspot has opened a chat channel called “iomars” which requires no password and is free for Amateur Radio operators communications.
If your friendly amateur is not available to talk, just leave a message and when he looks at his Internet linked device he will see a note and be able to hear your message (like an ansaphone) and get back to you.
Some 10 million individuals have Zello and it is used by many Amateur Radio groups and Repeaters around the World, give it a go and keep talking!!

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