Thursday, August 10, 2006

WAB Isle of Man activity

The Worked all Britain Awards Group will be holding a special activity week over 19 to 26 August in a joint event with the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society and the British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society. This aim of the event is to encourage new licensees to gain experience in portable, mobile and net operation, and also raise amateur radio’s profile on the Isle of Man.

The activity week will coincide with International Lighthouse Weekend, and there are plans to activate all three lighthouses on the Calf of Man over 19 to 20 August. All the major lighthouses on the island will also be activated on the afternoon of 19 August.

In addition, amateurs will activate the Isle of Man’s 14 Worked all Britain areas. Special QSL cards have been produced for people who make contact with amateurs on the island during the activity week. Further detail about the event can be found on the web at
A special meeting to organise this important activity will take place @ the Foxdale Shack on Tuesday 15-aug-2006 – 19:30hrs.
Maps indicating the IOM 24 Local Authorities (like UK council areas) will be available.
Arrangements will also be made to centrally co-ordinate WAB area activity and log book details (for QSL cards to be issued).
Please attend and make this week a success in promoting the Isle of Man, WAB, BARLS and Amateur Radio.

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