Thursday, August 17, 2006

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

Radio Society of Great Britain(RSGB).

The unaudited Income and Expenditure Account for the six months
ended 30 June 2006 shows a deficit for the half-year of £18,500(for
more detail see page 86 of September RadCom).

Membership numbers were 22,987 at June 2006 compared to 23,704
in June 2005. On 3rd July 2005 there were 61,796 active UK callsigns
(England, N Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Isles and Isle of Man).

This means that just over one third of active licensees support the
national body which exists to ensure the privileges enjoyed by all are
maintained and improved and not lost to pressure from commercial
interests and others,etc.

Now that there wiil be a cost free licence for life from 1st October this
year it would seem opportune for those who are not RSGB members to
consider supporting the body which serves to protect the interests
and privileges of the radio amateur hobby.


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