Thursday, April 19, 2012

Improvements to Carnane Repeater!!

Regarding Carnane, we discovered that the feeders leaving the building had come adrift from their proper places and one had been rubbing against the wall. The result was that a 4-inch section of the outer sheath and the inner braid and foil screen had worn away on one side of the cable. This probably began a couple of months ago and has been a slowly deteriorating situation ever since.

I say this because we dissected the damaged section and found no significant water ingress. Had this been a longer-term issue, there would definitely have been a lot more corrosion.

Myself (Dave Osborn the repeater keeper), Ed, Matty and Andy went to the site last Saturday and cut out the offending section of feeder and re-connected it. It is true to say that the improvement has been dramatic!

So, yes, work was done and we are all glad to see the difference it has made.

There are pictures on the GB3IM page at

Many thanks to all the workers.

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