Monday, April 16, 2012

MD0DXW resignation from the IOMARS Committee

Having had numerous telephone calls from radio amateur’s on the island and two off asking why I had resigned from the committee of the Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society (IOMARS).

I thought I would clear matters up I have only resigned from the committee and not from the club I must make that clear.
My reason for resigning from the committee.

Well, it’s a bit varied and, I don’t wish to overstate specifics, suffice to say that I was not complacent in the attempt to expunge a well-known and long term radio amateur on the island and fervently disagreed with the chairman’s actions as I considered them to be ultra vires and in the end my views were upheld.

Also, having been a reasonably well connected civil servant (now retired) and having time to knock on the “highest of highest” doors in Government I therefore, offered my assistance on several occasions to the club only to have it ignored and the inference that I was interfering with other people’s empires.
The last email I had from the committee when I asked a question regarding RAYNET- I was informed that because of “leaks in the past” I was not going to be emailed answers to my questions.

Over the Christmas period I was not too well and did not attend the club or committee meetings – apart from one committee member who contacted me to see if I was OK the rest were quiescent.

I can now see why older members are no longer in the IOMARS – I have been involved in amateur radio since I was ten or so years old and, had great mentor in GD3FOC.

The club needs to keep the older members… not try to expunge them or ignore them – this is a marvellous hobby we have and most of us have been in it since children share the hobby.

Dr. W Morgan Griffiths

W Morgan Griffiths LL.B P.hd
Member of the Health and Safety Lawyers Assotiation
Member of the Local Government Lawyers Assotiation
Trained Arbitration Service


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